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    Town & Country's Best One-Liners about Noe DeWitt's Scott Eastwood Story

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    Town & Country's gathered the best one-liners on Noe DeWitt's Scott Eastwood story and they are GOOD..REALLY, REALLY GOOD.  

    "@Racked: Lawd:Here are more pictures of Clint Eastwood's painfully good-looking son. Forever indebted to @TandCmag"

    "@tomandlorenzo Scott Eastwood gets to model daddy's old face and THAT BOD to @TandCmag"

    "@BryanEdwards1 You thought Channing Tatum was God's gift to women? You ain't seen Eastwood's son..."

    "He is like a mix of Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood....and kittens on a warm spring day." Abby Przybylowski via Facebook

    "It's like there was a giant pot, and every guy in Hollywood dropped a tear into it, boiled it up, and out popped this magnificent creature." Elizabeth Webster via Facebook

    "There should be a law passed that stores are no longer allowed to sell this young man shirts." Nancy Coco via Facebook

    "Lighting a cigar with a Bic lighter. This apple has fallen far from the tree." Jonathan Streethawk Crane via Facebook

    "I'm drowning in my own drool. There goes anything productive I had planned to do for the day." Anadil Nusrat via Facebook


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