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    Teresa Pemberton's Parramoure Oils

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    Recently, our make-up artist Teresa Pemberton was featured on Well + Good! For the story "My Five Beauty Obsessions", Winnie Beattie, owner of Warm, names her favorite beauty essentials, one of which Teresa makes herself. Parramoure Oils use natural ingredients, many, if not all, of which are grown by Teresa Pemberton in her home garden. In the article, Winnie says, "Teresa is one of the top editorial makeup artists working today, and she makes these incredibly delicious smelling hand-poured oils in small batches. Because they’re handmade and often use ingredients from her gardens, each batch smells different and unique, but equally as amazing as the last. They are deeply moisturizing and really raise the spirits, sensuality, and a sense of calm. I put them in my hair and on my body after surfing."

     We asked Teresa about Parramoure Oils, and this is what she had to say:

    "Nature is a kind of medicine for me, and so are essential oils. It all started in my part-time home on the island of St. Bart; the French have a keen sense of scents! I found wonderful essential oils on the island, so through inspiration and intuition, I started to blend my own healing oils. My Grandmother's name, Ida Parramoure-Pemberton, sang out to me and, as a Parramoure, I would blend "for love".

     “Love of self” was my theme: treating your spirit, soul, body and mind with these intoxicating oils, which possess true powers of healing and raise the spirits. I concentrated on the “love spirit” in us all, which, at points in our journeys, may call for a lift.

    "I now blend on my farm, between my garden, my horses and nature. Horses are so responsive to oils - I use them to treat my horses and rescued horses that have gone through so much. The oils are grounding for them, and the results are mind-blowing.

    "If we tune in - by turning in - oils will heal us! I feel that when people connect to my blends, they are allowing healing to start. For love: true Parramoure."

    You can purchase Teresa's oils at Warm in Soho.


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