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    Teresa Pemberton's Morning Ritual

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    Makeup Artist Teresa Pemberton shares her morning ritual on the farm with us. As a part of her daily routine, Teresa greets the morning with calm and positive energy and sets intentions and goals that keep her headspace clear and strong, especially during these times. Continue below to watch the video and see details about the products she uses in her routine—some you can even create yourself!

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    Teresa begins by heating a kettle of water on her stove, letting the steam pour out of the spout. By placing your face a safe distance away from the source of the steam for five to ten minutes, you allow your pores to open up and release toxins, clearing dirt and other impurities within the skin. 

    While your pores are open, you can apply a serum or oil. Teresa shows us her homemade calendula oil which was made from dried organic marigold petals infused sesame seed oil. She recommends using either a dark amber jar to infuse your own oils or you can place organic dried herbs, petals, or leaves in a carrier oil in a regular jar but stored in a cool, dark space. 

    For further enjoyment, you can open up your sinuses and relax by smelling other oils like eucalyptus or lavender. 

    Teresa recommends her favorite oil Immortelle by Enfleurage, an organic essential oils store located in NYC in the West Village. Made from Helichrysum, or Italian Everlasting flowers, this oil's deep warm honey resonance is comforting and sweet. She also shows us the Organic Face Oil for Glowing Radiance by ila, which is made from a blend of argan, rosehip seed, rose otto, and sandalwood oils.

    Manuka Honey is also a powerful ingredient that can contain different levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which likely contributes to the honey's antibacterial properties.

    Teresa ends her routine by giving us a glimpse into another's—a majestic peacock dancing and fluffing his vibrant feathers to the others around him.


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