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    Stefan Beckman on InStyle.com

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    Everyone knows that fashion is a spectacle; that must be why it's called a fashion show! Well, no one is more of a showman than Marc Jacobs. From his clothing to his styling, Jacobs has been making an impression on the fashion world for more than a decade. As the years pass, the importance of standing out in the fashion world has proved imperative. With the help of Stefan Beckman, Marc Jacobs has become the must-watch show every season.

    InStyle.com recently wrote an article, entitled "Meet the Man Behind Marc Jacobs’ Famously Elaborate Runway Spectacles" on Stefan's career with Jacobs and why the two make such an amazing pair!

    At its best, fashion is theater, and no one in New York is more at home onstage than Jacobs. For the last decade, the designer has made extravagant set pieces a signature of his runway productions, spectacles in the best possible sense of the word, with backdrops that have included a Victorian beach, rolling hills, fractured mirrors, and, once, the sun. The challenge he sets for himself each season is, well, how do you top the last one? And the man in charge of finding the answers for much of the last decade has been Stefan Beckman, the brilliantly imaginative set designer.

    Read more of what InStyle had to say, including behind-the-scenes video of the set being built, here.


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