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    Stefan Beckman for Cadillac

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    Cadillac recently premiered its new flagship CT6 sedan at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard before the 2015 New York International Auto Show. Jack Morton Worldwide, which led the overall orchestration of the event, co-produced the reveal component with Aquila Productions and worked cooperatively with set designer Stefan Beckman to create the cityscapes.

    Stefan Beckman created the "Abstract City" skyscape as a symbol of Manhattan being Cadillac's new global home. The panels, which ranged in height from 20 to 25 feet and widths from 20 to 65 feet, were painted muslin stretched onto hard frames. "We talked about white as a fresh start," said Beckman of the choice of color—or lack thereof. "It was a clean, modern approach to Cadillac and where they are going." 

    Click Here, to hear Stefan Beckman talk about what it means to #DAREGREATLY and how he played a pivotal role in the design of his first auto-centric #CT6 event

    Photos (Verge, The Global and Mail)

    Stefan Beckman is part of Exposure NY's styling division. Exposure NY is photography agency / stylist agency in New York City. 


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