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    STACY'S PICKS: Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn

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    Vinegar Hill House has long been one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, but until this weekend I had only ever been there for dinner.  My kids usually want to go to Prime Meats for breakfast on the weekends, but this weekend we decided to take my cousin Aimee and try Vinegar Hill House's brunch for the first time.  Unsurprisingly, it was just as yummy as dinner.

    They open at 11am on the weekend.  We arrived a bit early at 10:50, and were seated right away -- but by 11:20, the place was full.  

    My youngest daughter Sadie, who is a picky eater, of course loved the bacon, but she also loved the yogurt with homemade apple preserves and granola.  My older daughter Rory had the quiche special and shared the oysters with Creole sauce with my cousin and me.  The oysters were beyond...

    My cousin and I both ordered the omelette with salmon roe and cream cheese - by the time we were done, there was nothing left on the plate.  

    If you have never had the pleasure of a brunch at Vinegar Hill House, take my advice and get there as soon as you can!

    Vinegar Hill House

    72 Hudson Ave. (at Water St.), Brooklyn



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