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    Stacy's Picks: Summer Pudding

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    I came across this recipe for Summer Pudding in Departures this afternoon, and I will absolutely try it out this summer when berries are in season.

    The photo by Francesco Tonelli looked so appetizing I had to read the recipe, courtesy of Jeremy King and Chris Corbin, owners of The Wolseley restaurant in London.

    How can you go wrong with mixed, stewed berries, brioche and raspberry brandy?  YUM!



    Summer Pudding (Serves 6 to 8)


    1 lb. diced strawberries

    1 lb. raspberries

    1 lb. blueberries

    1 lb. blackberries

    3/4 cup sugar

    Half a vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped

    2 tbsp. tramboise eau de vie (raspberry liqueur)

    1 large loaf of brioche, sliced about 1/4-inch thick, crusts removed (a loaf of challah can substitute)


    1. Put half of all the berries in a saucepan, add sugar, vanilla seeds and pod and framroise eau de vie. Bring to a boil, then simmer gently for about 5 minutes, or until the fruit is runny and puréed.

    2. Add the remaining berries and remove the saucepan from heat to allow the berries to poach in the liquid for several minutes until softened. Strain through a sieve to separate the coulis from the fruit and remove the vanilla pod.

    3. Cut the brioche slices in half and soak half of the slices in the warm coulis, then place flat on the bottom of a 10x7x2-inch baking pan. Make sure the brioche slices fit together snugly.

    4. Pour the strained fruit on top of the brioche, spreading it evenly. Soak the remaining slices of brioche in the coulis and layer on top of the fruit. The leftover coulis should be kept covered in a bowl and refrigerated.

    5. Cover the top of the summer pudding with a sheet of plastic wrap and place a similar sized dish on top, weighing down with a pot to gently compress the pudding. Place in fridge overnight.

    6. Cut into squares and pour a little coulis over each pudding. Serve with crème fraîche and fresh berries.


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