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    Stacy's Picks: La Vara

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    On a recent Saturday night David and I found ourselves at the Columbia Heights eatery Pok Pok, ready for some of our favorite Thai cuisine, but unfortunately were met with a two hour wait. Not ones to easily fall victim to the perils of a date night gone awry we changed course and headed to a new spot, La Vara, a few blocks away. It had quite the buzz surrounding it's Spanish-Jewish fare, so we happily spent our 30 minute wait reading reviews and picking out our menu favs. The dishes were tapas-like in size and our table was quickly covered with plates of sardines, fried artichokes, eggplant, suckling pig, and the scallop special of that evening. But let me be clear, simple in name does not equal simple in taste. The artichokes were served with an anchovy aioli, the eggplant was accompanied by honey, melted cheese, and nigella seed, the suckling pig paired with a chimichurri sauce, and everything was rich with flavor. I swear, David and I were fighting over the last bites (I of course won) and our date night at La Vara was a complete success - so successful that my second visit will be with the Exposure team for our holiday dinner.

    La Vara

    268 Clinton Street (Verandah Place), Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

    (718) 422-0065



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