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    Stacy's Picks: Fort Defiance

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    My trip to Fort Defiance a couple of Monday nights ago was the definition of falling in love all over again.  One of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, Fort Defiance's combination of incredible cocktails, devilishly good deviled eggs, the freshest raw oysters (these, among many other delicious offerings), and that just right, laid back feel makes it hard not to swoon over. But during my most recent venture there with a girlfriend we stumbled upon their Monday night burger special and my love was renewed.

    Let me just say if ever there was a perfect patty then this was it! Made from the oh so juicy and wonderful Pat LaFrieda meat it doesn't need special sauce or obscure toppings, just your classic lettuce, tomato, onion, and you've got yourself a top notch sandwich. This burger, much like Fort Defiance itself, is awesome! So if you wanna be swept off your feet, have your heart stolen away, and smile that goofy in love grin, clear your Monday night and say I do to the burger at Fort Defiance.



    Fort Defiance Cafe and Bar 

    Fort Defiance
    365 Van Brunt St. (at Dikeman St.)
    Brooklyn, NY 11231
    P: (347) 453-6672


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