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    Stacy's Picks: Dukes Hotel, London

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    I was just recently in London a few weeks ago for a friend's wedding and was lucky enough to have a few cocktails at Dukes Hotel. Although it is just around the corner from The Ritz and the Woolsey, the vibe is much more low-key and laid back. Like its fancy neighbors, Dukes has an interesting history too, apparently. The martini's at Dukes are so legendary that Ian Flemming made them James Bond's drink of choice and even inspired the classic line "shaken not stirred". 

    How the drinks are made is just as impressive as their background story. A cocktail trolley is wheeled right to your table and your drinks are made in front of you as you order them! The vodka is kept so cold that there is no need for ice, making the drinks undiluted and super potent, so be careful! If you dare to have a third, be prepared for a legendary hangover! I learned my lesson the hard way...which made my flight home to NY quite the feat. 

    Score so far: Dukes-1, Stacy-0

    I may be down one for now, but next time I am in London, I will definitely drop by Dukes for round two. 



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