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    Stacy's Picks: Dover

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    Dover Restaurant in Carroll Gardens, from the same folks that brought us Battersby, is so amazing I don’t even know where to begin. I first discovered this Court Street gem on a late winter date night with Dave when we treated ourselves to their tasting menu. And oh what a treat it was! Let’s start with the bread, delicious alone, but when dunked into one of the two dips provided – white bean or ricotta, you become instantly aware that you are in for a fantastic dining experience. The six course tasting menu was a perfect mix of seafood, vegetable and meat courses. My fave dish was the lamb ribs with eggplant, peanuts and mint, just delicious!

    Now that the weather has warmed up, I have gone back a few times with Dave and the girls to enjoy their great outdoor space and work my way through their dinner menu. My recommendations - the lobster with English peas, smoked bacon and lettuces is amazing! And, the lamb ribs are still a stand out. But, the real treat is the broiled oysters! Who knew oysters could become an even tastier item by broiling? My daughter Sadie even gives it a positive review – she said that her buttered pasta was some of the best she’s ever had!

    They just started serving brunch, so I am looking forward to having a seat in their garden and seeing what amazing dishes they have to offer. Maybe I’ll see you there!

    412 Court Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11231
    (347) 987-3545 

    Restaurant image (source)
    Lamb Ribs (Elizabeth D. Herman for The New York Times)
    Oysters (Elizabeth D. Herman for The New York Times)
    Salads: Stacy Fischer


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