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    Polly Osmond and Halloween

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    Here at Exposure NY, we represent some pretty fantastic artists. From fashion to beauty, makeup to costume design, we're constantly amazed by what their capable of. And that’s why we’re doing something a little different this week. As Halloween fast approaches, we wanted to ask some of our stylists what tips and tricks they have for last-minute costumes!

    Today, we’re sharing the work of Polly Osmond! Polly has been a makeup artist for more than ten years, and she really knows her stuff. For years, Polly has been contributing to her own son’s Halloween costumes, creating some fabulous face paint looks. Polly spent the first two years of her career painting faces at the London Zoo. “I got tigers down to one minute,” said Polly. “Not everyone is an artist, but anyone can paint on the base color and draw a couple of lines to get the idea across.”

    The key here is to go big! As you can see in these photos, Polly uses the whole face and lots of bold colors.

    “Grab yourself some black and white face paint. The more expensive ones like Fardel and Make Up For Ever are the best but as kids tend to wipe it off ten minutes after it's been done; it may be worth getting a cheaper kit. Some sponges and a couple of paint brushes are essential tools. Copying a picture first is a good way to start, then you can add your own twist. Getting them to sit still is the hard part! Just have fun with it!”


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