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    Piergiorgio Del Moro for Givenchy Spring 2021

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    Piergiorgio Del Moro cast the models for Givenchy's 4G Handbag Spring 2021 Ad Campaign. The new bag joins the brand's long list of essential handbags, including iconic styles like the Horizon and Antigona. Designer and Creative Director Matthew M. Williams created 4G with these classics in mind but added freshness with a streamlined shape and chunky hardware. The video segment of the advertisement mirrors Williams' innovation by duplicating and triplicating models with digital cloning. These effects are the product of Simon Schmitt's inspired direction and Benoit Soler's expert cinematography.

    For the campaign, Del Moro cast models with a modern edge that accentuates the bag. Those cast include Martyna Budna, He Cong, Malika Louback, Sihana Shalaj, and Meadow Walker

    Check out the full video and photos below!

    Piergiorgio Del Moro is part of Exposure NY's styling division. Exposure NY is a photography agency/stylist agency in New York City.


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