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    Patrick Mackie's Historical Book Recommendations

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    Reading history is a personal passion for Fashion Stylist Patrick Mackie. While practicing social distancing, he has plowed through 10 historical non-fiction books, which he's shared with us. Continue reading below to see what he recommends...

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    1. The Last Tsar by Edward Radzinsky — Russian playwright and historian Radzinsky mines sources never before available to create a  fascinating portrait of the monarch, and a minute-by-minute account of his terrifying last days.
    2. Napoleon: His Wives and His Women by Christopher Hibbert — Profiles the women who were the lovers of Napoleon and whose lives reflected the political and social upheavals of post-Revolutionary France.
    3. Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey — This is the definitive biography of Britains greatest monarch, who was hailed at once as the mother of her people and as the embodied symbol of their imperial greatness.
    4. King Charles II by Antonia Fraser — Following a youth of poverty and bitter exile after his father's execution, the ousted King Charles first challenged, then made his magnificent escape from Cromwell's troops before he was eventually restored to his throne in triumph in 1660.
    5. Born to Rule by Julia P. Gelardi — Julia Gelardi's Born to Rule is the powerful epic story of five royal granddaughters of Queen Victoria, who reigned over the end of their empires, the destruction of their families, and the tumult of the twentieth century.
    6. Churchill: Walking with Destiny by  Andrew Roberts — Andrew Roberts draws on over forty new sources, including the private diaries of King George VI, used in no previous Churchill biography to depict him more intimately and persuasively than any of its predecessors.
    7. Young and Damned and Fair by Gareth Russell — Written with an exciting combination of narrative flair and historical authority, this interpretation of the tragic life of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, breaks new ground in our understanding of the very young woman who became queen at a time of unprecedented social and political tension and whose terrible errors in judgment quickly led her to the executioner’s block.
    8. Cromwell by Antonia Fraser — Antonia Fraser tells of one of England's most celebrated and controversial figures, often misunderstood and demonized as a puritanical zealot.
    9. The Real Wallis Simpson by Anna Pasternak — Wallis Simpson is known as the woman at the center of the most scandalous love affair of the 20th century, but in this “unputdownable…lively and detailed” (The Times, London) biography, discover a woman wronged by history with new information revealed by the latest research and those who were close to the couple.
    10. George IV by Christopher Hibbert — Hibbert delivers a superbly detailed picture of the life and times of George IV including his exorbitant spending on his homes, his clothes, and his women; his patronage of the arts; his 'illegal' marriage to Catholic Mrs Fitzherbert, and lesser known facts such as his generous charity donations and his witty one-liners.

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