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    Odile Gilbert on Vogue.com

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    Odile Gilbert was featured on Vogue.com, answering the question on everyone's mind: how did she make Michelle Williams' hair look so perfect in those Louis Vuitton ads?! Check out the article below, and click here to see the full article. 

    Every morning since I first laid eyes on Michelle Williams’s new campaign for Louis Vuitton, I’ve stood in front of the mirror, tossing my hair this way and that, exchanging thickening spray for dry shampoo, hairspray for texturizer, in Odyssean hopes of replicating the actress’s nonchalant, windswept swoosh and piece-y bangs.

    “You’re not the only one,” says Odile Gilbert, the Paris-based editorial hairstylist responsible for the impishly punk coif, when I confess my dilemma over the phone. “Everyone has been calling me—crazy about the look.” When I press Gilbert on how she executed it, she walks me through the day of the shoot.  After blow-drying Williams’s ice blond hair using her fingers as a comb, she misted her strands with Kérastase dry shampoo “for some texture,” and pushed her sideswept bangs across the forehead of her “little jewel of a face.” Then, Gilbert did exactly what I had been doing: She flipped Williams’s hair back and forth with her hands until it fell as it sits in the photograph. “At that moment everyone said, “Stop. It’s perfect.’ ”

    For a full day of off-the-page success, Gilbert says to set the entire look with hairspray—“just a little bit, you want it to move”—then keep running your hands through it over the course of the day in the easy manner of la parisienne. “There is something spontaneous about the look. It should be soft. Ravissante.”


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