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    Morten Bengtsson for Alis Skate gear

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    When photographer Morten Bengtsson was asked to shoot more promotional images for Alis Skate Gear, a Danish skateboard company, he came up with an ingenious concept: to spell out Alis with skate ramps and other obstacles, creating a successful ad without any type.

    The ad has since been used as posters for skateshops and other retailers around the world, making a splash for its visual power and inventiveness.  Many people have questioned the use of CGI in the image, but Bengtsson assures it is 100% real.  Everything you see here was shot that day in Sweden's Malmo Park.

    It's very different from his previous Alis campaigns!  Take a look at an image from 2011:

    And his award-winning work for Alis in 2010:


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