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    Kenneth Willardt's "The Beauty Book" on Refinery29

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    Kenneth Willardt has recently published his first book, The Beauty Book, and it has been making waves in the beauty and fashion community! Most recently, style blog Refinery29 wrote a review for the book, saying that this is the “new book that every beauty junkie needs”!

    If you're the kind of person who could spend hours flipping through mind-bendingly gorgeous beauty editorials (hi, us too), this book — simply named The Beauty Book — is what's missing from your life. 

    It's a collection of work by photographer Kenneth Willardt, whose fashion and beauty photography has appeared everywhere fromVogue China to your local Target. In each image, Willardt seeks to represent a different facet of our contemporary notions of beauty through intimate, dynamic portraits of models and actresses. 

     To read more, check out the article online, and click here to order the book!


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