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    Jacky Marshall mentioned in Monocle

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    Illustrator Jacky Marshall was mentioned in the latest issue of Monocle! In the article "Top Draw", editor Chiara Rimella details three talented illustrators creating for top brands in the fashion industry. Jacky spoke about her history with design and illustration; being a part of fashion design teams that allowed her to be highly creative contributed to her growth as an illustrator. Read the full article on Monocle by subscribing!

    "There's something very delightful about [illustration]; something aesthetically interesting," Jacky says. "People who lok at my work often say to me, 'You make us happy'." It's a similar feeling to that which entices people to follow the release of new collections from fashion brands season in, season out. "Why do people keep buying different clothes? Because it gives you a kind of joy."

    Photographed by Levi Mandel.

    Jacky Marshall is part of Exposure NY's photography division. Exposure NY is a photography agency/stylist agency in New York City.


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