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    Jacky Marshall for Vogue

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    Illustrator Jacky Marshall is featured in Vogue's article, "7 Illustrators Draw Their Favorite Couture Looks"! Jacky's brilliant linework perfectly captures the strange beauty of Maison Margiela's SS20 collection—strikingly bold, yet sweetly feminine.

    Vogue writes, "There seems to be lightning in Jacky Marshall’s line; there’s a positive energy that pulses through her color-drenched drawings and collages. Trained as a designer, this Brit knows fashion inside out, and loves it, as her drawings clearly show."

    Jacky explains, “I love that Margiela collection, every time I look at it I see something different. The thing about that collection is, for me, having trained as a designer and not as an artist, it’s the kind of thing I would have loved to have designed myself. I love the deconstruction side of things, I love the silhouettes; the colors are amazing.

    I started playing around with anything I had around me and collaging. I literally just did it; I just went with the flow. I can have an idea, but I never know until I start. I don’t approach everything the same way, my lines aren’t the same for every designer I draw. [For this drawing] I played with layers. I hand-print my own paper to use, and I happened to have a color that was similar, but it’s also layered with colors behind it. When I bought the paper, they numbered it, and I liked it, so I kept it.”

    Read more about the other artists featured on Vogue's website.

    Jacky Marshall is part of Exposure NY's photography division. Exposure NY is a photography agency / stylist agency in New York City.

    • Maison Margiela SS20 for Vogue

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