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    Frances Tulk-Hart's Corona Diaries Featuring Rafa Olarra

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    Photographer and Illustrator Frances Tulk-Hart interviewed Art Director and Event + Set Designer Rafa Olarra for her series Corona Diaries. Corona Diaries details people's firsthand experience with this pandemic. Read the full interview with Rafa below and check out other stories on Frances's website.

    Rafa what do you do and are you still able to do it? If not, what are you doing on a daily basis? 

    I’m an art director for freelance projects and for Faena, all my work is on hold, so I’m on an unexpected vacation. I’m reading like crazy, studying and training.

    Where are you social isolating and with who? How is it being home with them all the time?! 

    I’m in a very nice beach house in Florida with my boyfriend, we normally live in different cities so we are extremely happy and grateful we can spend so much time just with each other.

    Do you have a routine you try to stick to? 

    I do, I wake up, make coffee, meditate with Luke watching the sunrise over the ocean, then I train between an hour and an hour and a half, I jump in the ocean. then I do emails, I study Italian, Sketch up, and theater related things.  I do this alternating with sunbathing brakes. After lunch I always take a nap. The afternoons are for reading, playing cards, Rumi, beach walks, catching up with friends, family, and sunset runs. After dinner I normally watch a movie.

    Do you get dressed in the morning or stay in your PJ’s?

    I’m in my swim trunks almost all day. Occasionally I wear this amazing red tunic I bought in Morocco.

    How is your life and your headspace changing as the weeks of isolation continue?

    The first days without work were a little crazy, I was cleaning the house all the time and organizing closets, hard drives, etc. With time, I found a new routine. I still get anxious because of the luck of work. I love to be busy and do a thousand things at the same time, but I'm learning to manage this new reality with meditation, writing in my Corona diary (which I share with Luke) and other activities.

    What frightens you the most about this? Do you have ways of calming yourself?

    Definitely losing my loved ones frightens me, or not being able to see my family for a long time. I calm myself with meditation and by talking on the phone.

    Have you managed to find any silver linings?

    Yes, it's a big opportunity to make big changes I've been planning.

    People are saying this is a time for real change both personally and worldly. Do you agree? If so, how do you see your life changing from this?

    This pandemic will change a lot, my priorities will change for sure, and a lot of plans I had on hold will definitely take place once this is over.

    Are there any conspiracy theories you subscribe to?

    Not really.

    If you were president/prime minister what would you have done differently?

    Taking stronger measurements sooner.

    Using the color chart below please tell me in general what colors you are feeling. It can be a whole rainbow if you want or just one…!  

    Red = Angry    

    Yellow = Scared

    Green = Inspired (this is giving you time to reflect and/or create)    GREEN FOR SURE 

    Blue = Sad/Depressed 

    Pink = Happy (you see and focus on the silver linings)

    Black = Doomed (this is hard)

    Cream = You feel no difference

    Orange = Overwhelmed


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