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    Frances Tulk-Hart's Corona Diaries featuring Odile Gilbert

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    Photographer and Illustrator Frances Tulk-Hart has been coping during this quarantine through her series "Corona Diaries", and this week she interviewed and illustrated our Hair Stylist Odile Gilbert. Read below to see how Odile Gilbert has been keeping busy and positive during this challenging time. Read more personal and touching stories from Frances's "Corona Diaries" on her website.

    What is your name?

    My name is Odile Gilbert.

    What do you do and are you still able to do it? If not, what are you doing on a daily basis? 

    Cleaning and cooking. Staying in touch with my family and friends by phone to cheer them up. They also cheer me up. I cut my boyfriend’s hair the other day. 

    Where are you social isolating and with who? How is it being home with them all the time?

    At home in Paris, France with my boyfriend. I feel lucky not to be alone.

    Do you have a routine you try to stick to? 

    I wake up early and open all the windows to freshen up the apartment. I sometimes take a siesta in the afternoon. We watch a movie and go to sleep early.

    Do you get dressed in the morning or stay in your PJ.

    I get dressed.

    How is your life and your headspace changing as the weeks of isolation continue?

    It’s up and down but it could be worse. I think I am a bit calmer these days.

    What frightens you the most about this? Do you have ways of calming yourself?

    The thought of losing friends and family is frightening. I do yoga and cooking to stay calm.

    Have you managed to find any silver linings?

    Every night at 8-o-clock, Parisians stand at their windows and cheer and applaud the medical workers. That moves me so much.

    People are saying this is a time for real change both personally and worldly. Do you agree? If so, how do you see your life changing from this?

    Yes, I agree. I hope that as a society, we will have learned to be more human again. 

    Are there any conspiracy theories you subscribe to?

    I don’t really approve of conspiracy theories. Some of them are actually quite dangerous. 

    If you were president/prime minister what would you have done differently?

    I would have made sure that the health services had all of the resources they needed.

    Using the color chart below please tell me in general what colors you are feeling. It can be a whole rainbow if you want or just one…!

    Red = Angry    

    Yellow = Scared

    Green = Inspired (this is giving you time to reflect and/or create)

    Blue = Sad/Depressed 

    Pink = Happy (you see and focus on the silver linings)

    Black = Doomed (this is hard)

    Cream = You feel no difference

    Orange = Overwhelmed

    I love rainbows. But black is not a colour of the rainbow. I guess I am predominantly pink and green.


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