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    Exposure NY Post Hurricane Update

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    Hello All!

    Due to the power outage in downtown New York and additional damage to the area left by Hurricane Sandy our offices at 560 Broadway, located in Soho, will be closed for the next 3 - 5 days.

    Fortunately, we do have access to our emails and will continue to check our messages on a regular basis at the addresses listed below. If needed, Stacy and Joyce can be reached on their mobile numbers as follows:

    Mobile Numbers

    Stacy Fischer - (917) 319-0651

    Joyce Mills - (917) 567-0887

    Email Addresses

    Stacy Fischer - President / Agent stacy@exposureny.com

    Joyce Mills - Agent (Photography Division) joyce@exposureny.com

    Megan Tully - Agent (Styling Division) megan@exposureny.com

    Alexis Rich Chami - Junior Agent alexis@exposureny.com

    Elise Connett - Producer elise@exposureny.com

    Rachel Lesaar - Digital Imaging Specialist rachel@exposureny.com

    Pauline Duffy - Accounting accounts@exposureny.com

    We hope to be up and running as soon as possible and wish the same for all of those impacted by Sandy.


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