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    We're so happy everyone enjoyed their Cronut!! 

    "Ladies, A big FAT THANK YOU for the delicious and amazing Cronut! That was the best gift ever! I've been whining for months and feeling deprived that I had yet to taste one. Thank you for making dreams come true!"

    "I need to thank you again for that amazing Cronut yesterday. Seriously lady.... you know the key to my sweets filled heart. Perfect afternoon treat with my tea ;)"

    "Thanks so much for my treat. I would have called sooner, but I had a Cronut in my mouth!"

    "You did not just send me a cronut. OMG."

    "Thank you so much for the delicious treat...I'll have to citybike for the rest of the week!"

    "Did you share?" "haha YES. I had not choice, the vultures descended immediately! literally breathing on me as I cut it up!"

    "A Cronut!!! How exciting!!! I thought I would never get a chance to try one!!"

    "Duuuuuuude. CRONUT!!!! That was honestly the best surprise I've ever had. Obviously have been waiting to try these bad boys forever."

    "Cronut showed up right when I needed dessert. xx"

    "Insane!! Thank you xoxo love you."

    "Um yum...THANK YOU."

    "Wow! What a wonderful surprise- apparently these things are hard to come by!"

    "OMG! I finally had a cronut!! (+ It was amazing.) Thank you so much!

    "Yo! Damn good tasting treat if you ask me!!!"

    "Such an awesome Monday treat."

    "SO delicious! Our whole office is jealous of our treats!"

    "A CRONUT!!! A CRONUT!!! I just threw my no gluten out the window. That is the most fantastic gift I have ever gotten. Like a rare pearl landing at my feet on a beach. Thank you!"

    "Thank you very much for that oh-so-special treat. I have walked past that damn line so many times and I finally got to try it!"

    "OMG DELISH!!!! What a fun treat. I love my cronut and have wondered about it since its advent. I just put it near my bad to take home as my dinner!!! Can't wait to dig in. Looks and smells amazing."

    "That cronut was outrageous. Thank you so much. I cut it into 10 pieces to share with everyone. And I'm sure it was still a zillion calories a bite. Worth every single one."

    "WOW! I have never tried a cronut before. I am sort of scared (of loving it!)"


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