• 11.10

    Stacy's Picks: Casa Enrique

    Recently, a few of us gathered together to celebrate Stefan Beckman’s birthday. We went out to ...Read More

  • 04.24

    Stacy's Picks: Chicago!

    Last week, I went to Chicago for the first time to meet with some new clients and old friends – Chicago has a range of advertising agencies that I was so excited to be able to meet in person. It was my first time there and I couldn’t w...Read More

  • 12.22

    Stacy's Picks: Le Bernardin

    Last Monday, Stacy treated the Exposure NY team to a holiday lunch at Le Bernardin. Owned by world-renowned chef Eric Riper...Read More

  • 08.31

    Teresa Pemberton's Parramoure Oils

    Recently, our make-up artist Teresa Pemberton was featured on ...Read More

  • 08.07

    Stacy's Picks: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Exposure NY’s newest artist, fashion stylist and costume designer Arianne Phillips, is making serious waves on Broadway! She is making her Broadway costume design debut with the cos...Read More

  • 07.30

    Stacy's Picks: Dover

    Dover Restaurant in Carroll Gardens, from the same folks that brought us Battersby, is so amazing I don’t even know where to begin. I first discovered this Court Street gem on a late winter date night with Dave when we treated ourselves to t...Read More

  • 10.24

    Stacy's Picks: Maison Premiere

    This past weekend our old babysitter flew in from L.A. to surprise Rory for her 9th birthday. Rory and Sadie were elated to see Krista; David and I were elated at the chance to have a day date and see each other! So on Sunday afternoon we headed o...Read More

  • 09.30

    Stacy's Picks: Russ & Daughters

    My favorite Jewish holiday of the year is Yom Kipper.  Why Yom Kipper?  I love hosting break fast for my family and friends and I love shopping for the meal at Russ & Daughters even more! ...Read More

  • 09.11

    Stacy's Picks: The Sebastiaan Bremer show at the Edwin Houk Gallery

    For those of you looking for something non fashion week related to do this Thursday, September 12, head over to the Edwin Houk Gallery at 745 Fifth Avenue for the opening of my friend, Sebastiaan Bremer's ...Read More

  • 08.05

    Stacy's Picks: Special Occasion Birthday Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

    It was my birthday last Thursday and David and I went to Eleven Madison for the chef's tasting menu: the three Michelin star restaurant with chef Daniel Humm at the helm. Let me tell you this was a fantastic meal from start to finish with the room...Read More

  • 07.30

    Stacy's Picks: Sushi of Gari 46

    It's the summer slow-down and time for my annual end of season celebratory dinner with Andy Whalen. As per our tradition we headed up to Sushi of Gari on West 46th Street, one of my high-end favs, where Andy and I are familiar faces and the freshe...Read More

  • 07.02

    Stacy's Picks: Francois Payard Patisserie's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Dessert hybrids seem to be a serious craze these days. From cronuts (croissants meet doughnuts) to brookies (brownies get to know chocolate chip cookies) there’s no shortage of sweet mergers on the menu. So when I came across the macaron ice...Read More

  • 05.29

    Stacy's Picks: Katresha Pure Skin Care

    A little over a month ago I decided it was time to trade the bumper to bumper traffic, "can't hear your own thoughts" noise, and gray weather of the city that never sleeps for something a little more...well, California. I headed over to the retrea...Read More

  • 05.23

    Stacy's Picks: Adventureland

    With summer just around the corner and Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, I wanted to share one of my family's long time favorite spots, Adventureland. Located in Farmingdale, NY, only an hour away from the city, Adeventureland is a great place ...Read More

  • 04.19

    Stacy's Picks: Making Moves

    We're happy to announce that Stacy's Picks is the proud new owner of http://www.stacyspicks.com! Of course, you'll still be able to find Stacy and all her favs on the blog, we've simply given...Read More

  • 03.18

    Stacy's Picks: Ganso

    Ganso, a ramen restaurant recommended by my good friend Nancy Iacoi, is the newest place that I'm digging. Ganso is a hidden gem, located in downtown Brooklyn, neighboring an iHOP and a Sleepy’s…..ser...Read More

  • 03.06

    Stacy's Picks: Rucola

    David, two friends and I recently ate at Boreum Hill's Rucola. Taking inspiration from the slow food movement, the restaurant boasts farm-to-table Northern Italian so good that it stunted our dinner conversation to a chorus of "mmmms" and yumms". ...Read More

  • 01.29

    Stacy's Picks: Disneyland

    This past December I took my east coast family and headed west for our much anticipated California Road trip. Sadie and Rory had Disneyland in their sights; David and I had a plan. We were gonna do Disneyland and do it right, do it the way a New Y...Read More

  • 01.10

    Stacy's Picks: The Tim Furzer Show

    My dear friend Tim Furzer is a bit of a jack of all trades. Officially his title is "architect", but don't be fooled, this man is good at whatever he does, you should taste one of his desserts! So, when I learned he was having a show of his work i...Read More

  • 12.14

    Stacy's Picks: Zakti Tea

    In our family David is the tea drinker and I'm more of a red eye kind of gal. But after he raved on and on about this particular tea I knew I had to try it. Luckily for me Zakti, David's go to tea, is owned by my dear friends Janeil Engelstad and ...Read More

  • 11.30

    Stacy's Picks: La Vara

    On a recent Saturday night David and I found ourselves at the Columbia Heights eatery Pok Pok, ready for some of our favorite Thai cuisine, but unfortunately were met with a two hour wait. Not ones to easily fall victim to the perils of a date nig...Read More

  • 10.16

    Stacy's Picks: Kyo Ya

    On Monday night Ruk Richards and I got together for our bi-annual dinner. Since this is a rare occasion we tend to go for something more foodie and adventurous – a worthy marke...Read More

  • 09.24

    Stacy's Picks: Ample Hills Creamery

    For our family food outing this past weekend the girls, David, and I headed over to Ample Hills Creamery looking for a little something sweet. What we found was the most incredible ice cream- a complete game changer. Located in Prospect Heigh...Read More

  • 09.19

    Stacy's Picks: Smart Water Spoof

    I just watched the new video for Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston and it is not to be missed! Done by our great clients, AR Media with executive ...Read More

  • 09.13

    Stacy's Picks: Fashion Week SS 2013

    Fashion Week is always big, but for Exposure this year it was BIG!! Our artists worked their magic on more shows than ever before! 26 to be exact. They were 26 beautiful, awesome, fabulous shows, and I'm in the mood to celebrate. So I asked everyo...Read More

  • 08.14

    Stacy's Picks: Bellport, NY

    My first Summer in Bellport, thanks to Noe DeWitt, was in 2001 with my husband David, Stefan Beckman, and a bunch of friends. It was truly one of the best Summers of my life and I fell in love with the town. Perhaps you've heard me mention it once...Read More

  • 08.02

    Stacy's Picks: Luxardo Maraschino Cherries


    Yes, I already raved about Fort Defiance, but my love affair with this Brooklyn gem is still going strong. This time it's the drinks that have me seeing fireworks and who could blame me when I got to create my own signature cocktail...Read More

  • 07.10

    Stacy's Picks: Fort Defiance


    My trip to Fort Defiance a couple of Monday nights ago was the definition of falling in love all over again.  One of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, Fort Defiance's combination of incredible cocktails...Read More

  • 06.29

    Stacy's Picks: Mission Chinese NYC

    So, it has finally happened – Mission Chinese is open in New York! Went there for dinner and even though my one hour wait turned into two and half hours, it was more than worth it!!

    We ordered a selection – Tea Smoked Eel, Sal...Read More

  • 06.25

    Stacy's Picks: Dukes Hotel, London


    I was just recently in London a few weeks ago for a friend's wedding and was lucky enough to have a few cocktails at Dukes Hotel. Although it is just around the corner from The R...Read More

  • 05.22

    Stacy's Picks: A Peace Treaty

    We are suckers for a great statement necklace here at Exposure NY. So when I was at a party a while back, I of course needed to ask one of our favorite clients and jewelry connoisseur, Jenn Berk from Japanese Vogue, about...Read More

  • 05.01

    Stacy's Picks: Ring Dings Vs. Ding Dongs

    I was passing by Olive’s this afternoon on the way back from a meeting , and grabbed one of Olive’s Ring Dings, which sparked a debate in my office:

    Ring Dings vs. Ding Dongs – which is your favorite?...Read More

  • 04.26

    Stacy's Picks: Summer Pudding

    I came across this recipe for Summer Pudding in Departures this afternoon, and I will absolutely try it out this summer when berries are in season.

    The photo by Francesco Tonelli looked so appetizing I had to read the ...Read More

  • 04.24

    STACY'S PICKS: Carroll Gardens Greenmarket


    One of my favorite Sunday rituals is going to the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket, located on the corner of Carroll Street and Smith Street, across from Carroll Park. The whole mar...Read More

  • 03.28

    STACY'S PICKS: Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

    One of New York's most delicious downtown restaurants, Il Buco on Bond Street, has added another establishment to their family: Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria.  Located right around the corner on Great J...Read More

  • 03.15

    STACY'S PICKS: Urban Productions Casting

    Photographer Noe DeWitt is currently out on location shooting the Fall 2012 Sperry Top-Sider campaign. Every season, the Sperry team travels to another US coastal city to shoot their new campaign, and Noe's photographs have helped to d...Read More

  • 03.13

    STACY'S PICKS: La Bicylette in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

    This past summer I had one of the yummiest lunches at La Bicylette, a quant French cafe located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  Ingredients are all local, grown in the gardens of the Carmel Middle School habitat, and dishes are...Read More

  • 03.13

    STACY'S PICKS: Prime Meats

    I just can't get enough of Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. They serve Germanic meals one might find on the menu of a turn-of-the-century New York inn. Everything is farm-to-table, too. Take a look inside ...Read More

  • 03.06

    STACY'S PICKS: Torrisi Italian Specialities

    When I started Stacy's Picks, I intentionally wanted to avoid suggesting only fancy restaurants with pricey tasting menus.  But Torrisi Italian Specialties twenty course tasting menu, at the fairly reasonable price of $125, is an ...Read More

  • 03.01

    STACY'S PICKS: New Zealand-based Producer Rebecca Vaughan

    Photographer Morten Bengtsson is currently in the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand to shoot another campaign for Celebrex.  Though we feared producing a shoot so far away could be problematic, we so grateful to have found Rebecca Vaughan fr...Read More


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