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    If you've ever met Stacy, owner of Exposure NY, chances are you've shared more than a few conversations.

    It's all about business at first. She's an agent, after all! But the talk quickly turns to some of the things that have touched her and now you too: great people, great places, great food, and for activities to keep her two young girls busy and inspired.

    For years, she's shared her "picks" (e.g., the best hotels and restaurants in far-flung locales, where to throw a non-traditional party for a non-traditional person) with a close, but ever-growing circle of friends and colleagues. Now it's time to open things up…

    To celebrate the redesign of the Exposure website and relaunch of our blog, we're introducing STACY'S PICKS, a regular feature where Stacy herself will "officially" spill on her favorite people, places, and things.

    Let's begin with Europe's answer to Brooklyn: Berlin.


    For STACY'S PICKS: BERLIN, special agents Stacy and Joyce headed to Germany for Le Book Connections, where they took in some of the city's most notable sights and edible culture. Joyce may have had to share a room, but she got to share more than a few great moments and meals as well…



    Jebenstrasse 2 10623 Berlin Tel: +030 31 86 48 56

    This museum is dedicated to the life and work of Helmut Newton, one of the 20th Century’s most important photographers. It houses a vast array of his work, along with many of his personal items including cameras, props, furniture, and correspondance to and from many of our own clients. The current exhibition is “Helmut Newton Polaroids.” The museum doesn’t officially allow photos, but Stacy managed to snap a few on the sly:





    Friedrichstrasse Tel: 105B +49 302 8879288

    This restaurant was on everyone’s list—a tasty steakhouse in the Mitte neighborhood with a view of the Spree River. It had a chic crowd but so-so service, just like many of the trendiest restaurants in New York! Definitely worth a visit, both for the food and the people watching.



    Französische Strasse 47 Tel: +49 302 0387110

    Next, Stacy chose Borchardt, a famous Berlin restaurant founded in 1853 and recommended by Philippe Brutus, a friend of Stacy’s and an agent from Art+Commerce. The wienerschnitzels were as big as your head! Unfortunately the restaurant was a little too dark to take photos, but trust us - the food was impressive!



    Winsstrasse 11 Tel: +49 030 53061077

    One of their best meals in Berlin wasn’t even German food, but Italian. This time on a recommendation from photographer Marcus Gaab and his lovely wife Christiane Bordner, the four of them took a trip to Herr Rossi, a cozy Italian restaurant in the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood. It was great food, great conversation, and way too much wine.



    Edison Hofe Schledgelstrasse 26C 10115 Berlin (Mitte) Tel: +49 30 30 88 12 14

    Their last meal in Berlin was at the famed Reinstoff, which they targeted after reading that it was awarded a Michelin star only six months after opening its doors in 2009. It’s a chic space with a stylish but relaxed atmosphere.

    The menu allows for you to decide to dine “Very Close” or “Further Away.” Joyce and Stacy opted for the eight-course “Further Away” menu. The food was yummy and beautifully presented (see below); and the service was exceptional: everyone there was super-knowledgeable and exceedingly patient as Stacy fired off her litany of pre-ordering questions.



    Stacy and Joyce rested their weary heads in the beautiful Hotel Rocco Forte de Rome. The hotel is a modern renovation of an historic bank, beautifully designed and conveniently located in the central Mitte neighborhood. From there, they could easily get to Museum Island (site of five museums in the Spree River), the tree-lined boulevard Unter den Linden, shopping, and restaurants. They have excellent service, including a spa (always need that massage after the stress of travelling!).

    They were recommended to the website berlin.unlike.net by Exposure photographer and Denmark native Morten Bengtsson, who assured them that it was the best city guide to Berlin. He was right! Aside from friend-based recommendations, this guide was the perfect supplement.


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