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    Behind the Scenes with Exposure NY for Vogue Japan

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    Yesterday, we shared Photographer Kenneth Willardt's latest shoot for Vogue Japan, featuring Ophelie Guillermand. Today, Hair Stylist Nicolas Jurnjack has shared behind the scenes images of the shoot! From sharing sketches of the hair design to showing Ophelie on set, these BTS images are an awesome glimpse into what goes on, on set! 

    As for the hair, "I started from the idea of traditional Japanese hairstyles and added short bangs. I created different shapes and took different approaches to glam and pop culture, both melding them together and creating a tension between them — bringing out the pop and polishing it with glam and stirring up and letting loose the studied glam with pop," said Nicolas.

    Also involved in the story, makeup by Lisa Houghton, nails by Honey, styling by Tina Chai and casting by Piergiorgio del Moro.

    Kenneth Willardt is part of Exposure NY's photography division. Honey and Piergiorgio del Moro are part of Exposure NY's styling division. Exposure NY is a photography agency / stylist agency in New York City.


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