• 09.22

    Svend Lindbaek for Editorialist

    Svend Lindbaek made some great work for the latest issue of Editorialist! He photographed two still life stories, "Modern Architecture" and "Midnight Garden".

  • 09.04

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle

    Svend Lindbaek photographed a wide array of shoes and bags for the September issue of Elle Magazine!

  • 07.31

    Svend Lindbaek's Instagram Takeover

    Today is photographer Svend Lindbaek's last day for his #SLtakeover of the Exposure NY Instagram account. It's been a lot of fun seeing images from his family's vacation to Anholt, Denmark. Be sure to follow his account @...Read More

  • 07.23

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek photographed the Beauty “Impulse Buy” page of Glamour’s August 2014 issue, featuring some of this summer’s most in-demand cosmetics on a budget. 

     ...Read More

  • 07.23

    Svend Lindbaek for Brides

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek shot some truly stunning shoes and handbags for the August/September issue of Brides Magazine! Pretty pastels and a little bit of glitz can really take your wedding ensemble to the next level! 

    ...Read More

  • 07.23

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle

    As we mentioned yesterday, we just received our issue of Elle Magazine for July, and photographer Svend Lindbaek shot the Accessories spread! 

     ...Read More

  • 05.21

    Svend Lindbaek for Men's Journal

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek gets in gear for Men's Journal's Adventure Issue! Check out the images from May's Gear Lab here.

  • 05.06

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour

    From sandals to body sprays, Svend Lindbaek updates us on summer's best and freshest in the June issue of Glamour! 

  • 04.29

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle

    Still haven't got your accessories for spring? Svend Lindbaek showcases these cute vernal trends and more in May's issue of Elle Magazine!

  • 04.28

    Svend Lindbaek for Almay

    Svend Lindbaek photographs the Almay Intense I-Color Collection that country singer Carrie Underwood rocks in these new ads!

  • 04.25

    Svend Lindbaek for Covergirl

    Svend Lindbaek's still shots for Covergirl can be seen in the new #instaGLAM ad with Katy Perry! Join in by following us on Facebook, ...Read More

  • 04.18

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek gets us longing for the days of summer with swimsuits, sunglasses, and more from this month's Glamour Magazine!

  • 03.27

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle

    We've got summer on our minds with these shoes, bags, and other great accessories, shot by Svend Lindbaek for this April's Elle issue!

  • 02.25

    Svend Lindbaek for Lucky Magazine

    Gorgeous and Glimmering Accessories shot by Svend Lindbaek for Lucky Magazine!

    ...Read More

  • 02.24

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle Magazine

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek shoots color block bags, honeycomb heels, and more for Elle Magazine's December featured accessories.

  • 01.14

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour February 2014

    Are you daring enough to pull off these boldly-colored mascaras as seen in this month's issue of Glamour Magazine, shot by Svend Lindbaek.

  • 11.20

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour, December 2013

    Glamour's got the best beauty gifts for you and yours, shot by Svend Lindbaek. 


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