• 10.30

    Dan Burn-Forti and Kitty

    Dan Burn-Forti is not only a great photographer, he's a great videographer. And, he's great with animals! Don't believe us? Check out this video we've recently added to his reel of Kitty the dog!

    ...Read More

  • 10.29

    National Cat Day

    Today is a special day... it's National Cat Day! To celebrate such an occasion, we’re sharing some of our favorite cat photos from our artists! And, by “artists” we mean Dan Burn-Forti.

  • 10.20

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Independent

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed journalist and novelist Kirsty Wark and philanthropist Camila Batmanghelidjh, who is the founder of the charity, Kids Company, for an ...Read More

  • 10.02

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review

    For The New Review, Dan Burn-Forti photographed the legendary David Byrne!

    "There's the fantastic David Byrne. Total hero of mine. I was nervous like a sad fan or something. But he was great. What else would you expect?"

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  • 10.01

    Dan Burn-Forti for Sony

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed all kinds of people, places and things for Sony's #xperiadetails ad campaign! 

  • 08.28

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti had a rather smelly photoshoot for the The New Review photographing amateur perfumiers!

    "Apparently there’s a boom in small scale, home-run perfumiers in this country. Really?! Can’t say I’m convinced,...Read More

  • 08.21

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Saturday Times Magazine

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed British television presenter and columnist Richard Madeley for The Saturday Times Magazine. 

    "Richard has been a ubiquitous TV presence since before I can...Read More

  • 08.20

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Independent on Sunday New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti traveled to Legoland to photograph all things Lego for The Independent on Sunday New Review, which we're sure any kid would be totally jealous of!

    "Despite only being a half hour drive from my ho...Read More

  • 08.19

    Dan Burn-Forti for Irish Independent Weekend Magazine

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed an adorable pup for the cover of Irish Independent Weekend Magazine. And, with this portfolio, it's no wonder he was asked to shoot it!

    "When asked to provide the cover for the Irish Independent Weeken...Read More

  • 08.18

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed a group of "millennials" for The New Review depicting Generation Y as more than stereotypes. 

    "I must admit, 'millenials' was a new term to me, so capturing millennial angst was a whole new experience....Read More

  • 07.23

    Dan Burn-Forti for ES Magazine

    Dan Burn-Forti shoots some great images of London's most iconic and outspoken architect, Lord Richard Rogers, for ES Magazine. 

    ...Read More

  • 07.23

    Dan Burn-Forti for the UK Post Office

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti recently photographed a series of ads for the UK post office. Yes, the post office! 

    “This one was a bit of a splendid shoot to be honest. Lovely bunch of folks from Dare, brilliant production from Pal...Read More

  • 07.23

    Dan Burn-Forti for ES Magazine

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti photographed singer Kelis and reality star Millie Mackintosh for ES Magazine!

    “It was super meeting Kelis and great to find out that she too was a fan of 'Extreme Couponing'. If you haven’t seen it al...Read More

  • 06.10

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Sunday Telegraph

    Dan Burn-Forti photographs English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for The Sunday Telegraph.

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  • 05.28

    Dan Burn-Forti for Car Magazine

    On a recent trip to Monaco, Dan Burn-Forti shot for CAR Magazine at the Top Marques show, a live supercar show set in the heart of vibrant Monte Carlo.

    In Dan's words: “It’s a blingtastic car and tat...Read More

  • 04.15

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Sunday Times

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shares with us about his shoot for the Sunday Times Driving campaign:

    "We shot these on two of the most horrible rainy windy yucky British Spring weather days I can remember.  Which normally would have been ...Read More

  • 04.14

    Dan Burn-Forti for Asda

    Dan Burn-Forti photographs baby chicks for Asda!

    "These chicks were only eight days old and yet surprisingly they really had quite different personalities.  The hero dancing chick was all over the place, pecking at everything, fl...Read More

  • 04.11

    Dan Burn-Forti for Airbus

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shot these clever ads for Airbus! Here's what he has to say:

    "People looking miserable and squished as if they're on a nasty packed flight was not a hard brief to imagine, but it wasn't until we started tha...Read More

  • 04.04

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Observer

    Dan Burn-Forti shoots for The Observer Magazine's "Last in Show," about the 10 most endangered dog breeds in Britain. Dan shares a little with us:

    "The NEC in Birmingham is a truly grim place for a shoot.  But Crufts dog show is ...Read More

  • 04.03

    Dan Burn-Forti for Tatler

    Does slow and steady win the race? Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shoots watches, hares, tortoises, and snails in "A Race Against Time" for Tatler Magazine.

  • 03.03

    Dan Burn-Forti for Three Mobile

    Dan Burn-Forti shot another adorable ad for Three Mobile, this time featuring a friendly cat in a bicycle basket and a kid singing Starships! Here's what Dan has to share about the shoot:

    "We shot the marvellous Jolie and kitten Briony the...Read More

  • 01.08

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review, December 2013

    Dan Burn-Forti turns his lens on Lady Bamford.

    From Dan:

    "Lady Bamford owns the super exclusive Daylesford Organics brand that makes all manner of fantastic foodie stuff. She was a lovely lady, happy to pose and do what was asked. No...Read More

  • 12.20

    Dan Burn-Forti for ES Magazine, December 2013

    It's funny times two in Dan Burn-Forti's latest for ES Magazine featuring British comedians Jack Dee and Jack Whitehall.

    From Dan:

    "I shot these in a garage in Clerkenwell in London on a cold morning in November. The two jacks had ne...Read More

  • 12.16

    Dan Burn-Forti for ES Magazine

    The dogs are done up and "dogwalk" ready in Dan Burn-Forti's latest for ES Magazine.

    From Dan: 

    "I shot these next to the catwalk (dogwalk?) at the Bluewater Mall Pet Expo, as the models came off the runway. It was an intense h...Read More

  • 12.06

    Dan Burn-Forti for Three Mobile

    Dan Burn-Forti gets "seriously serious" shooting a pug in a onesie for Three Mobile's "Pay As You Go" campaign.

    From Dan:

    "I shot young Mabel for the second time this year, this time for the Three Moible Christmas campaign. She woul...Read More

  • 11.18

    Dan Burn-Forti for ES Magazine, November 2013

    The always fabulous Dame Edna covers the November issue of ES Magazine, shot by Dan Burn-Forti. 

    From Dan:

    "Dame Edna Everage (housewife superstar) was an essential part of my childhood TV diet. So, when asked to photograph her,...Read More

  • 10.22

    Dan Burn-Forti for Google Nexus and O2

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti captures doggie delight for Google Nexus and O2. <...Read More

  • 10.11

    Dan Burn-Forti for Pets At Home

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shoots the satisfied customer's, Blue the dog and Dolly the Cat, of Pets At Home.

    From Dan:

    "It seemed like a good idea to have the real customers pets as the stars of this campaign. It wasn't. Give me tra...Read More

  • 10.08

    Dan Burn-Forti for Purina Gourmet

    Purina Gourmet boasts the finest catch for you cats in their latest ads shot by Dan Burn-Forti.

    From Dan:

    "Cat on a yacht....this is definitely up there on my list of unusual shoots. But if it was a memorable one for me, I can't help...Read More

  • 09.20

    Dan Burn-Forti for LivLife's Bread's Back

    What's the star of Dan Burn-Forti's latest ads? A loaf of bread....seriously. 

    From Dan:

    "When asked to do this I was rather surprised by the concept as I'd no idea bread had ever gone away. But bringing it back was great fun. P...Read More

  • 09.03

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Daily Telegraph's Sunday Review, August 2013

    Dan Burn-Forti shoots music royalty, Kings of Leon, for The Daily Telegraph's Sunday Review.

    From Dan:

    "What an excellent bunch of fellows they were! I shot them in the basement at The Connaught Hotel in London and, despite their res...Read More

  • 08.22

    Dan Burn-Forti for Three Mobile's Pay As You Go

    Dan Burn-Forti shot a pug in a knitted birthday cake hat for Three Mobile's Pay As You Go....need we say more?

    From Dan:

    "I must admit that pug's have never been my favorite breed of pooch, but this young lady was an absolute trouper...Read More

  • 08.08

    Throwback Thursday: Dan Burn-Forti for Sky Sports' Slam Dunk Monday, 2005

    Throwback Thursday: Photographer Dan Burn-Forti for Sky Sports' Slam Dunk Monday, 2005.

  • 08.07

    Dan Burn-Forti for Men's Health UK, FW 2013

    Dan Burn-Forti shows what it's really like to be "Working Like A Dog" in the FW 2013 UK Men's Health Guide To Style.

    From Dan:

    "My main motivation for shooting this was to be able to get my brillant dog Kitty into the shoot....Read More

  • 07.22

    Dan Burn-Forti for Andrex Eco, The Blooper Reel

    Monday's can be tough, but a quick dose of puppy bloopers courtesy of Dan Burn-Forti's Andrex Eco campaign and you'll be just fine!

  • 07.09

    Dan Burn-Forti for Tesco Mobile

    Dan Burn-Forti proves Tesco Mobile's service is nothing to laugh about in their latest campaign.

    From Dan:

    "The rather glum set of portraits is of some well-known British stand up comedians being decidedly unfunny. De-funnying them w...Read More

  • 06.24

    Dan Burn-Forti for O2

    Dan Burn-Forti teamed up with European phone service provider O2 and one high flying hound to shoot the company's latest campaign.

    From Dan:

    "We shot this super leaping pooch in sunny Spain a few weeks ago. Well, I say sunny Spain, b...Read More

  • 06.14

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review, June 2013

    Dan Burn-Forti shot radio DJ Danny Baker for the June issue of The New Review. Read on to find out why the shoot made such a splash. 

    From Dan:

    "Danny is probably the greatest radio DJ in the world and I was super excited about...Read More

  • 06.10

    Dan Burn-Forti for Esquire UK, July 2013

    Daft Punk blows up the July issue of Esquire UK as shot by Dan Burn-Forti. 

    From Dan:

    "I knew that Daft Punk were very cool music pioneer types, but having listened to their new album, I now realize that they're completely brill...Read More

  • 06.05

    Dan Burn-Forti for Andrex Eco

    If you're a fan of cuddly canines then rejoice! Dan Burn-Forti shot this adorable campaign for Andrex Eco and we've got the ad and videos below. Get ready for pure puppy euphoria.

    From Dan:

    "These lovely beasts were all of 6 weeks ol...Read More


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