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    Arianne Phillips interviewed in The New York Times

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    Costume Designer and Stylist Arianne Phillips spoke with Vanessa Friedman for The New York Times about her efforts outside of social media to raise awareness against sexual harassment in Hollywood. Last year, Arianne helped the #TimesUp initiative which began with celebrities wearing pins and black gowns on award show red carpets in solidarity with the movement. This effort sparked Arianne and her friend Carineh Martin to create RAD (Red Carpet Advocacy), founded last summer to shift the conversation on the red carpet from outfits to action towards philanthropy.

    This is how RAD works: the stylist and celebrity choose the outfit for the red carpet and RAD approaches the brand of the outfit asking them to donate to the celebrity's chosen charity. When the clothes get mentioned on websites and apps recapping red carpet outfits, the charities and brands are also mentioned. Actress Elisabeth Moss is one of the biggest supporters of RAD and shared her participation on her social media during the Golden Globes. On Instagram, Moss mentioned being the first to partner with RAD and her donation going to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

    Other celebrities that endorse RAD include Mandy Moore who donated to UNICEF, Patricia Arquette in support of GiveLove, and Tracee Ellis Ross who partnered with Gucci and donated to Essie Justice Group and #MeToo.

    Arianne and Carineh intend on expanding RAD outside of the red carpet to events like movie screenings and large parties, retail partnerships, and marketing campaigns. According to The New York Times, David Yurman is working with RAD on a social media campaign, and Matchesfashion.com is going to host RAD-related events connected to Frieze L.A. and the Met Gala. Singer Camilla Cabello will also be a RAD supporter at the Grammys in February and will donate to Save the Children.

    Read more of the article on The New York Times and visit RAD's Instagram (@doradberad) for more information.


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