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    Arianne Phillips for Yoox.com

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    Costume designer and fashion stylist Arianne Phillips recently collaborated with Yoox.com in support of the restoration of the classic 1973 Federico Fellini film Amarcord. Arianne put together a number of looks to show readers how to prepare for a day at the Venice Film Festival! You can shop the looks on Yoox and read Yoox's full interview with Arianne below.

    What do you love most about Fellini's films?

    Federico Fellini created a vision all of his own, made up of beauty, popular aesthetic, humor and humanity. He had the ability to completely capture his audience, drawing them right into the heart of his characters and the stories he was telling. I've been watching his films since I was a little girl. They captured my imagination immediately, and I fell in love with Italian style and with the people and culture of this country. All of this unleashed in me the desire to become a costume designer and fashion stylist and undoubtedly still influences my work today.

    In what way and on what particular occasion did he inspire you?

    The most important lesson I learned through Fellini's films is about character: you can't tell a convincing story without properly drawn characters. Creating a precise identity through clothes is really at the heart of what I do as a costume designer.
    As a stylist I am more influenced by style and beauty - it's a very conceptual job and isn't necessarily based on reality as we know it.

    In both cases, the Fellini aesthetic has been a recurring reference throughout my career, both for me and my collaborators. One memorable occasion was when I created the costumes for Lenny Kravitz's “Are You Gonna Go My Way” video, which I styled. The Rome runway shows, which featured a lot of ecclesiastical clothing, struck both me and the director Mark Romanek, and this inspired the long red velvet tunic that Lenny wore.

    What are the most iconic elements of Fellini style?

    His talent for creating epic stories filled with pathos and, at the same time, the ability to portray very intimate details about his characters. And, of course, the costumes, which are still up-to-date today. 

    On Amarcord, Fellini worked with a really brilliant costume designer, Danilo Donati. Together with Giuseppe Rotunno, the director of photography, they created a story set in the Thirties but filmed in 1973. They managed to fuse together the most iconic aspects of both these periods, creating a masterpiece that is as relevant today as it was back then; it could even be about modern-day Italy. Fellini succeeded in blending the Italian aesthetic and contemporary culture with a truly modern approach.

    Do you think his characters could be considered as “pop art”?

    Fellini, like Andy Warhol, knew how to channel what was happening economically and culturally in society, changes in style and popular culture into his work. Great art is always relevant in any age, and that is true of the legacy Fellini left us. If I had to choose a character from Amarcord that I love the most, it would have to be Volpina. I adore her and her eyebrows.

    Describe Amarcord with three adjectives.

    Iconic, Italian, timeless.

    What if Amarcord were a dress or accessory?

    It would be a piece of lingerie - sensual to the touch and extraordinarily stitched - with wonderful details and in a bold, powerful color.

    If you were going to an Amarcord-themed party, what would you wear? 

    A sleek, bright green dress teamed with seductive wedges and a little retro veil. A mixture of the Thirties and the Seventies, with an absolutely modern touch.

    Arianne Phillips is part of Exposure NY's styling division. Exposure NY is a photography agency / stylist agency in New York City.


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