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    Arianne Phillips for Kingsman: The Secret Service

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    Costume designer Arianne Phillps was interviewed for the September issue of W Magazine for her work on Kingsman: The Secret Service, a movie about British spies. Starring Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Taron Egerton, style is really the name of the game. Being British, the Kingsmen, like Bond before them, are a group of impeccably dressed men because, as they say, clothes make the man. 

    “Colin doesn’t really have any flaws, but when he came in for a fitting wearing this workout clothes and put on that jacket, all of a sudden his posture just changed. It was exciting to see,” says Arianne.

    The wardrobe for this film required some research. For Colin’s character, Arianne wanted to modernize the “traditional Savile Row silhouette” in tailoring, but she also wanted to stay true to those traditions by using all British brands and fabric. The director of the film, Matthew Vaughn, ended up being a great source of knowledge, having attended British boarding school, utilizing classic tailoring. Also among the cast, Samuel L. Jackson plays a bad guy with a rather matchy-matchy-type style: a little lame, a little flair. Young gun Taron Egerton’s character needed a different kind of research, research of the stealthy kind…

    “I took a lot of undercover photos of kids in East London. I wanted him to wear what these guys usually do: Fred Perry shirts, Adidas sweatshirts.”  If only we had a photo of that to include!

    We’re excited to see what twists and turns (and tailored suits) this movie has to offer! And check out the trailer for the movie below:


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