• 08.29

    Stefan Beckman for Vogue

    Stefan Beckman created the set for "The Dance of Seduction" in the September issue of Vogue. Featuring model Chanel Iman and recording artist A$AP Rocky, the story was both stunning and ethereal. Photography by ...Read More

  • 08.29

    Polly Osmond for Vogue

    Make-up artist Polly Osmond went retro chic with Suki Waterhouse in the September issue of Vogue. Decked out in bohemian garb, Suki looks amazing! Photography by Angelo Pennetta.

    ...Read More

  • 08.28

    Viki Rutsch for Teen Vogue

    Viki Rutsch designed the set for the cover and cover story of the September issue of Teen Vogue featuring Kendall Jenner! Photography by Emma Summerton

    ...Read More

  • 08.28

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti had a rather smelly photoshoot for the The New Review photographing amateur perfumiers!

    "Apparently there’s a boom in small scale, home-run perfumiers in this country. Really?! Can’t say I’m convinced,...Read More

  • 08.28

    Polly Osmond for Vogue

    Polly Osmond made up the flawless faces in the "Arresting Development" story in the September issue of Vogue, featuring actors Kieran Culkin and Michael Cera, and the adorable fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson. Photography by ...Read More

  • 08.27

    Odile Gilbert for Interview Magazine

    Hair stylist Odile Gilbert created the coifs of Lea Seydoux for the cover and cover story in Interview Magazine's September issue. The French actress looks stunning in a clean, deceitfully simple updo. Photography by ...Read More

  • 08.26

    Arianne Phillips for Kingsman: The Secret Service


    Costume designer Arianne Phillps was interviewed for the September issue of W Magazine for her work on Kingsman: The Secret Service, a mo...Read More

  • 08.21

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Saturday Times Magazine

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed British television presenter and columnist Richard Madeley for The Saturday Times Magazine. 

    "Richard has been a ubiquitous TV presence since before I can...Read More

  • 08.20

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Independent on Sunday New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti traveled to Legoland to photograph all things Lego for The Independent on Sunday New Review, which we're sure any kid would be totally jealous of!

    "Despite only being a half hour drive from my ho...Read More

  • 08.20

    Viki Rutsch for Vogue Germany

    Set designer Viki Rutsch worked with photographer Emma Summerton for the September issue of Vogue Germany.

  • 08.19

    Dan Burn-Forti for Irish Independent Weekend Magazine

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed an adorable pup for the cover of Irish Independent Weekend Magazine. And, with this portfolio, it's no wonder he was asked to shoot it!

    "When asked to provide the cover for the Irish Independent Weeken...Read More

  • 08.18

    Dan Burn-Forti for The New Review

    Dan Burn-Forti photographed a group of "millennials" for The New Review depicting Generation Y as more than stereotypes. 

    "I must admit, 'millenials' was a new term to me, so capturing millennial angst was a whole new experience....Read More

  • 08.14

    Polly Osmond for Russian Allure

    Make-up artist Polly Osmond created some astounding looks for the September issue of Russian Allure! Bold lips and bright eyes made from some real stand-out beauty. Photographs by Simon Emmet...Read More

  • 08.13

    Kenneth Willardt for UK Glamour

    Kenneth Willardt photographed the beautiful Marloes Horst for the September issues of UK Glamour! Check out the issue for tips and products for flawless skin. 

    ...Read More

  • 08.12

    Stefan Beckman for W Magazine

    Set and event designer Stefan Beckman designed the set for "Phresh Out the Runway" in September's issue of W Magazine. Featuring Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman, the star-studded article celebrates Balmain's Creative Director ...Read More

  • 08.11

    Odile Gilbert for Vanity Fair

    Odile Gilbert styles Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova's hair for the cover of Vanity Fair's September issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, Natalia stuns in old Hollywood waves. Read the full story ...Read More


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