• 05.28

    Dan Burn-Forti for Car Magazine

    On a recent trip to Monaco, Dan Burn-Forti shot for CAR Magazine at the Top Marques show, a live supercar show set in the heart of vibrant Monte Carlo.

    In Dan's words: “It’s a blingtastic car and tat...Read More

  • 05.27

    Morten Bengtsson for Bibop

    Morten Bengtsson shot the "Always On" campaign for Bibop, showing mobile customers take their music to new extremes!

  • 05.27

    Matt Hranek for Conde Nast Traveler

    Photographer Matt Hranek transports us to Antigua and shows us the best places to stay in this month's issue of Conde Nast Traveler.

  • 05.27

    Odile Gilbert for Chanel

    Beige is anything but boring with Odile Gilbert and Gisele Bundchen in this new Chanel ad! Odile styles the model's shiny and iconic beachy waves for Les Beiges.

  • 05.23

    Stefan Beckman for Hermès Party

    Hermès transformed 23 Wall Street for "All About Women," a party that celebrated its women's luxury products for their significant US business. Singers, dancers, and fortune tellers animated several sets designed by Stefan Beckman, each room ...Read More

  • 05.22

    Odile Gilbert featured on Refinery29.com

    We love when our artists are recognized as the "Badass Babes" that they are! Refinery29 features Odile Gilbert along with a host of other amazing women who have carved out paths for themselves in the beauty industry. Check out the article ...Read More

  • 05.21

    Morten Bengtsson for Konecranes

    Photographer Morten Bengtsson showcases the epic and beautiful design of Konecranes in their latest campaign!

  • 05.21

    Svend Lindbaek for Men's Journal

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek gets in gear for Men's Journal's Adventure Issue! Check out the images from May's Gear Lab here.

  • 05.20

    Odile Gilbert featured on Models.com

    Models.com interviews the fabulous Odile Gilbert, who talks about "the opportunity to do everything" when it comes to hair! Check out the article here.

  • 05.19

    Kenneth Willardt for Vanity Fair Italia

    Sunglasses are at the forefront in this colorful, sun-kissed shoot by Kenneth Willardt in Vanity Fair Italia!

  • 05.16

    Polly Osmond for Lui Magazine

    Polly Osmond does the makeup for a sexy watch story you won't want to miss! Check out the images from May's Lui Magazine here.

  • 05.16

    Viki Rutsch for W Magazine

    Set designer Viki Rutsch for "More is More" in W Magazine's Summer 2014 Special Issue by Sofia Coppola, shot by Roe Ethridge in the house of Cornelia Guest.

  • 05.15

    Honey for Scratch Magazine

    Honey knows how to make nails the main attraction! Check out her double covers for May's Scratch Magazine.

  • 05.14

    Kenneth Willardt for Vanity Fair Italia with Mads Mikkelsen

    Kenneth Willardt shoots dashing Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen for Vanity Fair Italia, proving that the bad guys are definitely way more fun.

  • 05.12

    Odile Gilbert for Jour d'Hermes

    Odile Gilbert styles for Jour d'Hermés Absolu, a new fragrance that celebrates the beauty and mystery of women!

  • 05.12

    Kenneth Willardt, Viki Rutsch, Honey, and Piergiorgio Del Moro for Vogue China

    Exposure NY takes over Vogue China June in "Soft Metallic!" Photographer Kenneth Willardt, set designer Viki Rutsch, nail technician Honey, and casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro join together to bring you metalheads this iridescent story!<...Read More

  • 05.12

    Stefan Beckman wins Clio Award

    Stefan Beckman's set for Diane von Furstenberg 40 Journey of a Dress LACMA Exhibition wins at the CLIO Awards! See more ...Read More

  • 05.06

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour

    From sandals to body sprays, Svend Lindbaek updates us on summer's best and freshest in the June issue of Glamour! 

  • 05.06

    Polly Osmond for Harper's Bazaar UK

    Makeup artist Polly Osmond provides a dreamy look for Magdalena Frackowiak in "Madame Butterfly" from Harper's Bazaar UK June!

  • 05.05

    Kenneth Willardt for Vanity Fair Italia

    Kenneth Willardt turns his lens on Supermarket Chic Victoria Lee in "Shopping List" for May's Vanity Fair Italia.

    ...Read More

  • 05.05

    Stefan Beckman for Interview

    Stefan Beckman designed Dane Dehaan's man cave in this month's issue of Interview Magazine, shot by Steven Klein.

  • 05.02

    Piergiorgio Del Moro for CR Fashion Book

    Piergiorgio Del Moro casts these and many other captivating stories in Issue 4 of CR Fashion Book, full of fantastical tales retold with a twist.

  • 05.01

    Piergiorgio Del Moro for Vogue Japan

    Vogue Japan June is all about shine! Casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro delivers a glittering cast for several stories in this issue.

  • 05.01

    Teresa Pemberton for The New Yorker

    Teresa Pemberton does makeup fit for a folk songstress! Check out her work on Alynda Lee Segarra, front woman of Hurray for the Riff Raff for The New Yorker, shot by Tierney Gearon.


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