• 04.30

    Morten Bengtsson wins AP30

    AI-AP has announced their American Photography 30 competition winners, and our very own Morten Bengtsson is among them! See his winning submission and others in the AP30 Slideshow! All images ...Read More

  • 04.30

    Piergiorgio Del Moro for Harper's Bazaar

    Casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro has the Beauty cover story for this month's Harper's Bazaar. Check out "The Beauty and the Best" styled by Carine Roitfeld!

  • 04.29

    Svend Lindbaek for Elle

    Still haven't got your accessories for spring? Svend Lindbaek showcases these cute vernal trends and more in May's issue of Elle Magazine!

  • 04.28

    Svend Lindbaek for Almay

    Svend Lindbaek photographs the Almay Intense I-Color Collection that country singer Carrie Underwood rocks in these new ads!

  • 04.25

    Svend Lindbaek for Covergirl

    Svend Lindbaek's still shots for Covergirl can be seen in the new #instaGLAM ad with Katy Perry! Join in by following us on Facebook, ...Read More

  • 04.25

    Viki Rutsch and Piergiorgio Del Moro for Vogue China

    Set designer Viki Rutsch and casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro pair up to bring us May's Vogue China cover story "Modern Romance," shot by Sharif Hamza and featuring the mesmerizing Fei Fei Sun.

  • 04.24

    Doug Rosa for Barneys

    The Barneys New York Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection is here, filled with delicate pieces depicted beautifully by still photographer Doug Rosa.

  • 04.22

    Stefan Beckman for Calvin Klein Platinum Label

    Set designer Stefan Beckman is back with his second Calvin Klein campaign of the year, this time for Platinum Label Spring/Summer 2014!

  • 04.18

    Svend Lindbaek for Glamour

    Photographer Svend Lindbaek gets us longing for the days of summer with swimsuits, sunglasses, and more from this month's Glamour Magazine!

  • 04.18

    Honey for Glamour with Scarlett Johansson

    Honey does Scarlett Johansson's nails for Glamour Magazine's May cover story!

  • 04.17

    Kenneth Willardt, Viki Rutsch, and Honey for Allure Russia

    This May's Allure Russia cover story features work from photographer Kenneth Willardt, set designer Viki Rutsch, and nail technician Honey! The lovely Alyssa Miller models.

    ...Read More

  • 04.15

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Sunday Times

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shares with us about his shoot for the Sunday Times Driving campaign:

    "We shot these on two of the most horrible rainy windy yucky British Spring weather days I can remember.  Which normally would have been ...Read More

  • 04.14

    Doug Rosa for John Hardy

    The John Hardy Spring 2014 Collection is here! Photographer Doug Rosa shoots shimmering jewelry on dark, delicate waves of water.

  • 04.14

    Kenneth Willardt for Vanity Fair Italia

    Kenneth Willardt photographed model Nur Hellmann amongst rich, vibrant color palettes for "Africa and the City" in the April issue of Vanity Fair Italia.

  • 04.14

    Dan Burn-Forti for Asda

    Dan Burn-Forti photographs baby chicks for Asda!

    "These chicks were only eight days old and yet surprisingly they really had quite different personalities.  The hero dancing chick was all over the place, pecking at everything, fl...Read More

  • 04.11

    Doug Rosa for Barneys

    Doug Rosa shot these beautiful pieces of meteorite jewelry made by socially responsible and sustainable fine jewelry company Monique Péan for Barney's New York. Proceeds go towards water purification systems in Ethiopia, in collaboration with...Read More

  • 04.11

    Dan Burn-Forti for Airbus

    Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shot these clever ads for Airbus! Here's what he has to say:

    "People looking miserable and squished as if they're on a nasty packed flight was not a hard brief to imagine, but it wasn't until we started tha...Read More

  • 04.08

    Viki Rutsch for Lucchese

    Lucchese boots were made for walking on this desert sunset scene, designed by Viki Rutsch!

  • 04.07

    Doug Rosa for Mappin & Webb

    Doug Rosa shot glittering diamond rings on romantic roseate flowerbeds for Mappin & Webb.

  • 04.07

    Odile Gilbert for Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit

    Few fashion exhibitions tour as widely as "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk." With each city the exhibit touches, new pieces are added, including the artful works of hair stylist Odile Gilbert, who shared s...Read More

  • 04.04

    Dan Burn-Forti for The Observer

    Dan Burn-Forti shoots for The Observer Magazine's "Last in Show," about the 10 most endangered dog breeds in Britain. Dan shares a little with us:

    "The NEC in Birmingham is a truly grim place for a shoot.  But Crufts dog show is ...Read More

  • 04.04

    Odile Gilbert for Lady Dior with Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard is back for the Spring 2014 Lady Dior campaign, and who better to provide a soft, lightweight look for this floating ballerina than Exposure NY's very own hair stylist, Odile Gilbert? 

  • 04.03

    Dan Burn-Forti for Tatler

    Does slow and steady win the race? Photographer Dan Burn-Forti shoots watches, hares, tortoises, and snails in "A Race Against Time" for Tatler Magazine.

  • 04.03

    Matt Hranek for Condé Nast Traveler

    The April issue of Condé Nast Traveler lets us escape to Miami, Normandy, and more with photographer Matt Hranek. 

  • 04.02

    Odile Gilbert for Vogue China

    Blunt cuts and sleek styles, Odile Gilbert creates hair fit for the cool kids in "Members Only," the cover story for Vogue China this March.

  • 04.01

    Joel Stans for Esquire

    Joel Stans shoots for Esquire's Biggest Black Book Ever this spring, showcasing men's fashion and the personal meaning behind style's aesthetic.


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