• 12.22

    OG Allure jan 2011

    Hair by Odile Gilbert for the January 2011 issue of Allure

  • 12.14

    2011 Limited Edition Maybelline Calendar by Kenneth Willardt

    Another year, another Limited Edition Maybelline Calendar! Last year I posted about how the iconic images of the Maybelline products served as inspiration for photographer Kenneth Willardt. This year, the crew went abo
    ...Read More
  • 12.09

    KW maybelline 2011

    Photography by Kenneth Willardt for the Maybelline 2011 exclusive calendar

  • 12.03

    Dan Burn-Forti for 'The Telegraph' (UK)

    Photographer Den Burn-Forti captured pics of all-female companies in the United Kingdom to accompany a story about work places without men (much like us here at Exposure NY, and trust us, we work fine without them). Burn-Forti visited three small co...Read More
  • 12.03

    Kw L'Oreal

    Photography by Kenneth Willardt for L'Oreal

  • 12.02

    GC JV 2011

    Styling by George Cortina for the January 2011 cover of Vogue Nippon


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