Dan Burn-Forti



Dan Burn-Forti has an uncommon way of looking at the world that gives his work an energy and sense of humor that can be rare in contemporary photography. Born and raised in London, England, Dan filled his days with science fiction, music, and his trusty bicycle pedaling through dreams of one day becoming a spaceman (or Neil Young). At 15, Dan found himself helping out a friend on a photography set and thought, “this is brilliant!” And that was that… Dan became a photographer.

Today, Dan listens to the same music and watches the same science fiction—he did somehow lose track of that bike though—but spends his time behind a camera capturing people, animals, and landscapes in their most glorified states. His animal portraits are hugely popular and he has the ability to find an original twist when photographing Hollywood legends, political figures and sports stars. In his documentary-style shots of everyday life, Dan captures the quiet eccentricity and the absolutely absurd. He is drawn to the strange and the ridiculous, to people, customs and situations that are bizarre, unbelievable or both. 

Over the years, Dan has photographed for a number of clients all over the world. His advertising clients include ASDA, 3 Mobile, Purina, Ikea, Coors, HSBC, Post Office, Cannes Lions, British Beer Alliance, Sky Network, Virgin Trains, O2, Andrex, Knorr, Tanqueray, Bertolli, Hewlitt Packard, Airbus, and Iams. Editorial clients include The New Review, The Telegraph, Martha Stewart Magazine, ES Magazine, The Independent Magazine, The Times Magazine, Esquire. Dan tailors his approach to each job, playing with the tension between formal and spontaneous in his portraits, or embracing his instinctive feel for light, color and his peculiar eye for circumstance.

Dan’s work has been recognized by leading awards like The Creative Review Annual, Taylor Wessing and the Association of Photographers.

“As far as I can make out,” says Dan “I’ve pretty much the best job around. Every day is different, I get to meet all sorts of people (and animals), to travel to brilliant places and do the thing I love doing. For money. Pretty jammy really.”


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