Rafa Olarra

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Rafa Olarra approaches his career and life in quite some way; with a balanced emphasis on theatre and design. Born in Buenos Aires, Rafa grew up traveling, hiking, and immersing himself in culture, which inspired him to study Scenography and Costume Design in both Argentina and Madrid. In the past six years, Rafa has lived and worked in the United States, primarily as Art Director of the Faena Hotel in Miami, FL.

Rafa’s primary artistic influences stem from the work of set designers such as Frederick Kiesler, Max Reinhardt, and contemporary Ivo van Hove. Elements of the theatrical in both composition and essence are evident throughout his work.

Rafa has collaborated with directors and photographers such as Baz Luhrmann & Catherine Martin, Giampaolo Sgura, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Mario Testino, and multidisciplinary artists and architects Juan Gatti, Rem Koolhaas, Antoni Miralda, among many others. His editorial clients include GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Sunday Times Style, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. Advertising clients include Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus, Yamamay, Paruolo, Paula Cahen D’Anvers, Jackie Smith, and Doma.

Currently, Rafa Olarra continues to pursue his inspirations; finding the most excitement in visiting untold landscapes and accomplishing the seemingly impossible.


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